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Brilliance, Creativity, Transformation
DCL Associates Inc (DBA Cotter Consulting Services) works internationally with Fortune 500 companies, NGO's and governmental organizations to help organizations evolve through operating model and workforce transformation, leadership development and enterprise technology strategy.
We have unique credentials and experience from both executive and consulting perspectives. The focus of our work is organizational transformation and leadership development. Our approach is visionary and values-based.  We focus on the Triple Bottom-Line when we work with clients: People, Profits, and the Planet
Business Challenges

Does your organization have a clearly defined business strategy?

Does the strategy include operational, organizational and technological objectives and goals?

Do you have a means to measure your progress against your strategy?  Does the strategy take into consideration people, profits and the planet? 

Many companies focus solely on the quarterly or annual financial results and neglect these other important aspects of building and growing the business. Over the long term, a well-defined strategy will ensure future success. We can help you to articulate your strategy and implement an ongoing process to ensure success.

Technology Challenges
Is your technology strategy aligned with your business strategy?
Do you have a roadmap for your application systems as well as your technology platforms?
Do you "Run IT like a business?"
We can help you to define and align your IT strategy with the business, define a successful IT organization structure, and establish best practices in IT measurement and management.
Leadership Challenges

Do you have a strong "bench" of leadership talent?

Does your leadership team work well together and have complementary abilities? Are your leaders able to grow along with the company?

Have you defined the talent you need to take your organization to the next level?  

The best strategy will fail without appropriate leadership to communicate and execute your strategy. Leaders need to mature their competencies in order to lead larger organizations and address more complex business scenarios.

 Organization Challenges
Is there duplication of effort across your organization? Do you have inefficient or ineffective departments?
Are you facing talent shortages, recruitment and retention issues?  Are your employees engaged and excited to be a part of your organization? 
We can help you to develop organization structure and talent management strategies to address these questions. Managing people isn't just an "HR Issue." The entire company must adopt strategies to ensure its most valuable resource, people, receive adequate focus and investment.
DCL Associates Inc
DBA Cotter Consulting Services
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